Affordable access to mental health and ancillary services

Extras Cover

Extras cover, also called ancillary cover, helps cover the cost of services not covered by Medicare such as physiotherapy, dental, optometry and podiatry services. Many people rely on private health insurance to access services they would otherwise be unable to afford.

How important is preventative dental healthcare?

Dental is an important part of any “extras” health insurance policy. Prevention is very important for your dental health as regular check-ups help avoid more costly dental procedures.

Private health insurers often encourage you to go for regular dental check-ups. Some funds even offer these dental check-ups for free, often through their contracted dentists or in their dental clinics.

Make sure you use your preventative healthcare benefits.

Choosing the best dental health insurance policy for your needs

Dental is an important part of any “extras” health insurance policy. Before deciding on an extras policy or dental cover, take the following steps:

  • Review the typical prices of dental treatments and compare them with the reimbursements of the funds you are considering.
  • Check whether your fund has contracted provider agreements.
  • Don’t forget to weigh dental reimbursements against other benefits that suit your needs across hospital and extras cover.

The private system covers vital mental health treatment

Australia’s mixed private/public system is one of the best health systems in the world. However, when it comes to mental health care, Australians with private health insurance have better access to services and treatments than those relying solely on the overstretched public system.

In the private system, you have access to comprehensive in-patient treatment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders and drug/alcohol substance abuse.

Private health funds now cover some telehealth mental health services like psychology.

Did you know?

Mental health treatment is the most common reason women under 30 claim against their private health insurance and the second most common reason for men under 30.

Dr Rachel David says 1 in 10 private health claims for people under 30 are for mental health treatment