Access vital telehealth services with private health cover

Australia’s private health funds now cover many popular telehealth services including psychology, physiotherapy, speech pathology, dietetics and exercise physiology offering patients more flexibility, choice and convenience than ever.

The evidence shows that telehealth can be an effective tool to deliver a range of services, particularly when there is an existing relationship between the patient and the provider, or where the patient would not normally be able to access services (for example, if they are geographically isolated).

At a time when our mental health is so important, access to psychology services is more crucial than ever.

Private health insurance now covers telehealth services for:

Speech Pathology
Exercise Physiology

How it works

Members can now speak to their specialist in the comfort of their home – over the phone or via video call if that is their preference. They can still access and be covered for face-to-face consultations with their specialist.

Telehealth is about giving people the choice of seeking treatment at their doctor’s office or at their own home.

Talk to your health fund directly about how you can access telehealth services. Waiting periods apply.

Hospital treatment at home

In addition to funding telehealth services, health funds also offer some hospital treatments in the home.

These services are called hospital-substitute treatment (HST) because the treatment at home takes the place of going to or staying longer in hospital.

Eligible health fund members can access HST options, at no extra cost, in the comfort and security of their own home. Services include:

  • Intravenous (IV) chemotherapy
  • Intravenous (IV) therapy antibiotics
  • Some complex wound care
  • Rehabilitation after a hip or knee replacement.

Hospital at home services give patients more choice, so you can get the quality care you need without having to visit a hospital.

Talk to your health fund directly about how you can access these services. Waiting periods apply.

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