Naomi loves the security her private health offers

Naomi’s had private cover ever since she was 18. Building from cover for herself to her partner and now extending it to their growing family, she loves the security and flexibility it offers. From broken wrists to pregnancy, she’s experienced her fair share of the benefits her cover offers.

During the birth of her first child, she had more choice and control offering peace of mind throughout her pregnancy. In early 2017, her son was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Just knowing that her private health is able to cover some of the costs related to her son gives Naomi hope in taking the best care of him. Her private cover is also able to assist with the costs of her decision to conceive her second child via IVF.

For Naomi, family is her number one priority and her private health ensures they’re covered for anything that happens to them.

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