Kylie’s private health supports her growing family

Kylie has private health cover to not only protect herself and her partner, but their blended family of nine kids as well. With so many children, the day-to-day costs and chance of someone having an accident are increased. Four of her children require glasses, as do Kylie and her partner, and with biannual dental check-ups on top of that, expenses quickly pile up. Not to mention the cost of fillings and braces!

Kylie finds that the growing costs of optical and dental are far more manageable with her private health. She was particularly glad to have her cover when her daughter experienced an acute allergic reaction to a bee sting at school and had to be transported to hospital. Given a shot of adrenaline to reduce the inflammation on her airways, Kylie was thankful that her daughter was okay, and relieved in knowing that when the bill for the ambulance came a couple of weeks later that it would be covered by her private health.

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