Winson’s Rhythmical Health Cover Composition

Those were the days when life was so unkind,

My back was hurt and my bones were not aligned,

I complained and I whined,

My posture was so bad I looked like a crooked mastermind!


Everyday a few flights of stairs I climbed,

Feeling horrible for my sore bum behind;

Thai massage, yoga, and other creative treatments combined,

Felt so helpless, oh how I nearly resigned.


At last, I found my perfect osteopath, so divine!

One who eased up my muscles and relaxed my mind,

My spine was back to a straight line,

Never had I met an expert with skills so refined!


Alas my public Medicare did not apply,

Would have to fork out the fees from that poor wallet of mine.

Luckily most were covered by private health with its system streamlined,

The importance of private insurance must not be undermined!


A great osteopath was not easy to find,

For better condition of my muscles, joints and spine,

I’m eternally grateful for a lifestyle so pristine,

I can’t help it but to sing my praises in rhyme!

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