Private health helped cover my hospital fees

By Ash Wore That

There is always a struggle when deciding if I need a Private Health Cover or not. I had confusing thoughts about it a million times before I actually got one and I can’t forget how lucky I felt when it actually came into use, I would have had to pay so much more then what I did.

About 3 years ago, I went grocery shopping with my Mum (52yo) and Davina (6 months old) and we were walking back to our home, like any other day on the footpath. Davina was crying and Mum held her while I pushed the pram along. Suddenly 2 cars collided on the corner of the street close to where we were standing, waiting to cross the road. In a matter of seconds, a car crashed straight into my mum – drags them along – smashing the glass window into a bank. For a moment I was numb, I couldn’t process what had just happened. I ran in and saw Davina on the cars bonnet – showered with glass and my mum underneath the car.

It was a heart stopping moment – the worst feeling I have ever experienced. Thankfully, police were called and emergency services arrived quickly to the scene and we were rushed to the hospital. Those moments on the way, and at the hospital – all I could think was that I wished for my loved ones to be safe and I just held Davina and kept praying, while the nurses were working on her injuries and her face. Luckily, after all the examinations, Davina’s eyes were safe and they both had minor injuries.
Once that was all done and we were ready to leave the hospital – I get given the emergency ambulance and hospital admission bill, which I hadn’t even had a chance to think of during the entire process. Luckily, I had Private Health Cover and only needed to pay the excess, which was about a quarter of the entire bill.

Now whenever I pay my monthly premium, I don’t give it a second thought. Those monthly instalments are so worth it – for you and your family.