The benefits of private pregnancy cover

By Christine Jane

After leaving home in my early twenties and starting work my parents encouraged me to take out my own policy with our private health provider. I then upgraded to maternity cover in my early 30’s around the time I got married. My pregnancies and births of our children were thought out and planned. I ensured I had upgraded my health insurance before falling pregnant because I wanted to be able to choose my Obstetrician and be cared for afterwards in a private hospital. I knew I wanted our own room with the option for hubby to stay with us during and after the birth and for the days following.

After the birth of each child we were visited in the hospital by a member of our health insurance fund and the kids were given a gift each. We had both kids added to our private health insurance straight away so we had peace of mind they would be cared for in a private hospital and seen to quickly by a specialist of our choice if they needed it. Both kids have had admissions to hospital for minor issues since birth and our private health helped us through this time.

After the birth of our second baby I fell ill with a stomach virus within a couple of weeks of coming home and was unable to care for my baby. My obstetrician admitted me back into the hospital with my baby by my bedside in our own room. It was peace of mind knowing that I was cared for, and so was my baby as he was 100% reliant on me as a breast-fed baby. We had our own single room and around the clock care and support. I had a VBAC delivery this second time round and have had minor ongoing issues. I’ve needed regular physiotherapy and chiropractor work on my body these past two years. Again, I’ve relied on private health cover to assist me with these regular appointments I’ve needed. I’m so glad I took out private health cover all those years ago. It’s certainly been worth it in recent years.

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