My first visit to the dentist in 10 years!

By School Mum Sam Jockel

How crazy is this! A few years ago I went to the dentist and it had been 10 years since my last visit …. 10 YEARSSSS!!

I have always made sure my kids are up to date with their visits but can get so focused on them I forget about me.

This is a little embarrassing to admit but the dentist found 10 fillings!  That is a lot of fillings.  I justified it as one a year for ten years but still that was a lot of fillings.  It was in that moment I was very grateful it was November and I had private health extras cover which meant I saved hundreds of dollars. I got half of them done in November then waited until January to get the other half done to spread my health insurance cover over 2 years.

Access to affordable dental care has been one of main benefits to having private extras cover for us. Did you know that nationally the combined insurance payout for dental claims is over 2.6 billion dollars to cover members?  Ever since the 10 fillings day I have made a commitment to myself to go to the dentist at least once a year and look after my teeth.

Not only that, I make sure I use my private extra rebates on massages and physiotherapy for my body when it starts causing me pain and I am also heading down the getting old-needing glasses path which means I will save even more money by having private extras cover.

Read Sam’s full story here.

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