Private health insurance
helps you avoid
long public hospital
wait lists

Why do you need private health cover?

Avoid public hospital wait lists

With private health cover you’ll have access to surgery when you need it

If you have private health insurance, you won’t have to suffer in pain and discomfort on long public hospital wait lists.

Access to telehealth services

Members can now speak to their specialist in the comfort of their home – over the phone or via video call.

Telehealth is about giving people the choice about seeking treatment at their doctor’s office or at their own home.

Affordable access to mental health and ancillary health services

Extras cover, also called ancillary cover, helps cover the cost of services not covered by Medicare such as physiotherapy, dental, optometry and podiatry services.

Many people rely on private health insurance to access services they would otherwise be unable to afford.

Tax incentives of maintaining cover

The Australian Government Private Health Insurance Rebate

To receive the Private Health Insurance Rebate you must be with a registered health fund.

Ways private health insurance
can help you and your family

Protection for when you or your family need care

Avoid often lengthy wait times for treatment

Dental cover means no unexpected bills

Avoid the Lifetime Health Cover loading, by taking out Private Health Insurance before you turn 31

Access to a wider choice of providers

Tailored extras cover to suit your needs

Stories from real people using private health insurance